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March 10, 2015
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The 5 Most Common Mistakes When Decorating Your Home and How to Avoid Them

The decoration is one of the most important actions within a home, since it is that the environment is built and we give our home the amenity we want to live within it.

The new trends in decoration show a wide variety of colors, methods and objects that we can incorporate inside our home, although in many cases the large number of options end up generating unpleasant contrasts in the eyes of your visit.

Therefore, we show the following recommendations to avoid making mistakes in the decoration of your property.

1) Choose the paint first:

It is the most common of errors and is because, in most cases, we imagine our home covered with a tone that often contrasts with the furniture we are going to put.

Instead, we recommend choosing the color once you have defined the style of decoration that we want to give you, so that you can make sure that the furniture will match the chosen color.

2) Mix several styles:

Many times we tend to fall in love with various styles, but the important thing is to know that many of them are opposed. Having a minimalist environment, another vintage and another Oriental, for example, will generate an unpleasant contrast in the home.

If you are interested in several styles, you can choose styles that have a common point and share common elements, such as accessories or the color palette.

3) Buy things you do not like:

Some people often purchase furniture by their appearance or color, without being sure that it can work with the color and style that we want to give the home. Therefore, make sure that everything you buy is functional and fit the style you give your property.

4) Buy Wrong Furniture:

The key to the environment is the furniture we buy. Make sure they are the right size, that they are comfortable, that they are of good quality and that they do not get dirty easily, this is fundamental when there are children in the home.

5) Having things cluttered:

For your home to have a pleasant atmosphere, it is essential that kitchen utensils, books and clothing are ordered. If everything is watered, the atmosphere will be unpleasant, although we have invested time and money in the decoration.

We hope that being aware of these mistakes will help you avoid them and get the best atmosphere in your home. Do not forget to share your impressions with us in our comments section.