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June 12, 2016
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The Unique and Famous Property Sold! Playboy mansion already has a new owner

The bunny house was sold for $ 100 million, making it the largest property sale in Los Angeles. Although the buyer paid a high cost, the former owner, Hugh Hefner, put a condition: to allow him to continue living on the property until his death, which was accepted.

The property was acquired by Daren Metropoulos, 33, co-director of the research firm of his father, Metropoulos & Co, which includes in his portfolio the candy company Hostess and the Pabst brewery.

The millionaire agreement supposes a considerable reduction with respect to the initial price, since when Hefner put it on sale in January of this year requested 200 million. In addition, according to the agreement, Playboy Enterprises will pay one million dollars a year for rent of space that will be occupied by Hefner. This means that Metropoulos won a rebate and a renter who pays a lot of money.

The sale included the statues, decorations and classic games of the mansion, which were common in the numerous parties and celebrations attended by the legendary rabbits.

Some years ago, Metropoulos had bought the property adjacent to the Playboy mansion and now they have plans to make a connection between both houses.

The house was acquired by the Playboy company in 1971, for one million 100 thousand dollars. It has 29 rooms, wine cellar, projection room, games room, chef’s kitchen, 12 bedrooms with huge stay, swimming pool and a master suite on two levels. It also has gym, tennis court and guest house with four rooms. It is one of the few in Los Angeles County that is licensed to have a zoo.