January 10, 2017
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Advantages of buying a housing project

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Acquiring own house on plans is a beneficial and economic option, is to acquire a housing project through a design and construction plan. However, it is only until the builder secures the break-even point (a minimum of apartments or houses sold on the project) that the house is built.

Previously it was built before selling, but this new dynamic, according to the builders, ensures the success of the project, streamlines sales and reduces costs. Investing in the construction sector is highly profitable and this modality brings with it several advantages, which we share as follows:

Cost effective and economical. The property is bought at current price and wins the price in the future.
You can propose modifications of space, location or finish according to your needs, taste and economic capacity.
Your investment grows as your good builds. The commercial value of property rises from the time of purchase until when it is built. In this way, you get the gain by valuation.
It offers facilities, a long payment period and even financing.

In our Real Estate Grand Expo for 2017, the public will be able to know and acquire the main offers of products and services related to construction in the Dominican Republic, where they will present totally new real estate projects and will also have the main financial institution of the country, the Popular Banks which will offer a preferential interest rate to buyers.

We will wait for you! In the Great Hall of Events of the Phoenix Shopping Center from the 16 to the 18 of April in our Expo Real Estate 2017.

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