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March 4, 2014
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How to buy Cheap Villas ?


One can easily crack an efficient deal on villas this time. There are many companies online and offline which can provide assistance in this matter. Also, the best thing to do while buying a villa is to buy them in tourist places and for a low price like cheap villa in bali where you have the chances of making some rental income too and the villas would come with all luxury facilities and private swimming pool too.

Here are some tips that might help you:-

Deal with a reputed agent/company

There are several number of real estate companies present in the market. Make a thorough market survey and choose a company/agent with a solid reputation for their property dealings in that locality. Secondly, take quotations from many dealers and compare before making any investments.

Count on your Savings and Cash At Hand

Buying a house will require a lot of cash. So, keep your cash safe in terms of savings, don’t waste it. Moreover, get pre-approval of your loan and because it might create unnecessary delay in raising funds and one might miss on a good opportunity. Always go by cash at hand

Be Wise

While bidding for a property stay on your toes. Get the required information about the property. Apart from don’t give any advance payments and do proper documentation of every thing. Inquire a lot of about other properties in the same area and get to know their pricing too.


Look around the neighbourhood. Know the locality! Learn whether it suits your taste or not. Moreover, talk to the neighbours about the advantages and disadvantages of the neighbourhood.

Buying at a cheap price – Steps to make it happen

Try these steps to buy any villa of your dream for a cheap price,

– First list down your expectations on amenities in a villa

– Decide the locality to buy

– Then calculate your budget and maximum amount of funds you can raise, remember to buy something lesser than what you can afford

– Check for Villas with the help of estate companies and agents

– List down those villas that meet your expectations and come within your budget

– Go with the low cost ones first, narrow down your list filtering the best one

– See if can get some rental income from the property

– See if you can bargain and get discounts, also see the market condition if it is about to dip in another few months then wait if not buy one right away

These are the few easy steps which will help you in cracking a great deal over buying a villa and live your dream.