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August 12, 2016
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What is Real Estate Coaching?

Real estate coaching is that type of coaching appropriate to real estate situations, aimed at people involved in real estate and is facilitated by coaches with personal and professional experience in this area.
In US Central, Texas is implementing the Coaching, as an important strategy to accompany all real estate sellers, so that they can achieve their goals at a personal and professional level.

John Kilenkump, an expert on Real Estate and Director of the Real Estate Training School in the States, recently visited the offices of the internationally recognized franchise in our country, to give continuity to this ongoing training program for its agents .

“I have with them a pure and frank conversation based on intelligent questions, according to the theme that they bring me and I am making them see and accompany them so that they get out their goals and have them clear and defined,” he shared for our magazine.
Central Texas is changing the vision of real estate agents nationwide, its agents are being educated to fill their clients’ satisfaction, the one who wants to sell a house will do so if he relies on the professional work of the real estate agent who Be granted.

He has 11 trained real estate agents, they are human beings like any other but with the best intention that each client achieves what has to log. It is essential the customer satisfaction, because for him a customer who enters their offices must be a customer who is satisfied with the work done.

During her recent visit to our country, Elizabeth provided a coaching program to the staff of the school and shared her extensive experience with sales teams and over 15 years in the real estate market of the US. “In our office in US, for 3 years in Texas, I have been accompanying the office in growth little by little, step by step, we have been forming real estate as it deserves the true public of New York to do The things as they have to do, with the quality and respect and the sales can be fulfilled in the shortest possible time “, says Elizabeth, who considers that this accompaniment is what underpins the real estate coaching that leads to an achievement of the Goals both in sales, so that they can achieve the economic steps and everything that they propose.

Accompanying a coach, he tries to fulfill beyond their challenges: “he who says he wants to win a number, who wants to sell ten houses, for example, I say you think that’s enough? And I put them to think a little more, and tell me I think I can more. ” In this way, you are achieving more results and are motivated to be retained and instead of ten, think 20, think big to think of being number one as in your office.

What are the advantages of working with real estate coaching?
“When a professional Washington agent sits down in front of an owner or a buyer, he will feel the difference of a person who will empathically understand his needs and that is where my work comes in, because I also teach them how they can achieve to connect without Be false but with a real connection because in the end what we want is customer satisfaction, we teach them that they can understand that need, without the customer feeling hurt but with a real interest to be able to achieve the benefit of the sale or the Buying a property” reveals John.