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November 10, 2015
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Latest trends in Property structures for the Metros – here comes The Mini Houses

In recent years, mini houses have become an architectural and real estate phenomenon worldwide. Reference is made to those dwellings that bring together all kinds of comforts, and even luxuries, in very few square meters, which are usually portable and sustainable. In fact, they are usually built with recycled materials and use renewable energy.

Although, it is a global phenomenon, the fact is that not every country is having the same success. So, while in the United States is a trend, in Spain the mini houses do not just take off, among other things because those who intend to build in this type of housing may encounter some legal obstacles. Of course, if you are willing to live in a mini house, you must remember that everything is based on distribution.

It is impressive to observe that with little space these houses have everything you need: a kitchen, a wardrobe, a sofa, an office, a table, seats for several people … The feeling of amplitude is achieved thanks to the versatility of the different elements that Are part of it and even the key is usually in height. Despite the scarcity of square meters, the house is tremendously comfortable.